June 2013
Number 13



Eco delle Dolomiti 12 - Editoriale

No one has the same impression of
themselves as they have of
their own self (…). I was only an individual, and
an individual is nothing in a
multitude of beings
J. Boswell, On the Grand Tour

One can speak of understanding the diverse, if the journey does not so much lead towards valid affirmations regarding the characteristics of the country and the peoples visited, but rather it grants access to the terrain of the inner I, of our intimate sphere that has developed throughout the course of mankind's history.
In an intercultural logic, the goal of socialisation processes is that of enhancing diversity, where differences are called upon to coexist, to confront one another and to create a political space that is constantly encouraged to redefine itself and the rules for acting and communicating. The intention of l'Eco delle Dolomiti therefore is to drag the reader/traveller along and involve him or her in a sort of mobility that becomes an opportunity for rediscovery, not just of the exterior space but also of one's own inner being.