The first World War was a fundamental event in the history of Italy and Europe, it ratified the end of the empires and the birth of the states of a nation. Between Lagazuoi, the 5 Torri and the Sasso of Stria, an important part of this history was written, of which the testimonies are still alive in the most extensive and articulated open museum of the Big War, in the places where the battles were fought between the Italian and Austrian-Hungarian armies. The scenery which will house during the first week of July, an enormous ceremony commemorating the 90 year anniversary of the end of the Big War. A cultural event to shed light on our history, rich with values and contents. A trip into the existence of the mountains, a privileged location for a comparison between Man and Nature.


Scheduled from July 1st to 6th, The Alpine Troops Week: many events amongst the cities involved – Cortina, Badia, Livinallongo del Col di Lana – like the alpine training of the Alpine Command Troop (July 4th) and the show between Passo Falzarego, Arabba and Livinallongo of Col di Lana, featuring songs, images and musical pieces of that epoch (July 5th). Events that will culminate into the commemorative ceremony, celebrating the 90 year anniversary of the end of the Big War in the presence of representatives of the armies of all of the populations that fought in these mountains (July 6th).

As a study model the open Museum of Lagazuoi and 5 Torri and the museum of the Big War in the Fort of Tre Sassi to the Passo Valparola, a convention shall be held “From the ruins to a playground? Conservation and restoration of the landscape scenery of the Big War: methods, scope, skills” (July 3-4).


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