“Il Mistero dei Monti – The Mystery of the Mountains” presents:


Madonna di Campiglio – from June 21 to December 21, 2008


"Il Mistero dei Monti - The Mystery of the Mountains" - a sort of poetic enclave that is part of an initiative promoted by the Tourist Board of Madonna di Campiglio- was developed with the reference mark and guidance of the international mandate by the European Community sanctioned under the Alpine Convention: the objective is to solicit widescale reflection on the mountain, a view that desirably lingers on the more intimate side of the hills, on their mysterious and sacred strength. Turning the higher altitudes into a meeting point for cultural initiatives is -and always has been- one of the project's objectives. The event traditionally follows a natural schedule from the summer to the winter solstice: from June 21 and the first true days of summer to December 21 with the mountain tops covered in snow.
"Il Mistero dei Monti - The Mystery of the Mountains" dedicates this year's sixth edition to "Blu dipinto di blu" the famous blue on blue of the classic hit Volare: after having sounded out the geology, the poetry and the vision, blue is the destination for this rocky journey to touch the open sky; the celestial mystery, the clouds and the stars. We want to start from that very point this year, with rock beneath our feet and our eyes directed at the heavens, to tell the wonderful story of infinite space inhabited by light and darkness which bring man in contact with the universe.
The entire celebration opens symbolically on the summer solstice: one day is left to silence, quietude and the rustle of the wind on the tops of the mountains. A short message dedicated to the sky will take wing in the words of Julia Hill, who in 1997 climbed Luna, a thousand year old sequoia in the ancient Headwaters Forest in California, to save it from being chopped down. She came back down two years later.
We dedicate the opening words of the project to her and her companion day and night - the sky. The program is rich with surprises, music by Modugno and the colours of art. The "Mystery" will be revealed over the course of the summer 2008.

The project, created by Roberta and Giacomo Bonazza of Gruppo Altequote, is promoted by the Tourist Board S.p.a. in Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Val Rendena. The Regional Office for Environment in the Autonomous Province of Trento also collaborate.

Julia Butterfly Hill




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