A Stroll along the River

A travelling exhibition on the landscape and waters of the River Sarca


“A Stroll along the River” is a temporary exhibition suggesting various ways to experience a river ecosystem and study the landscape more thoroughly through past and present.

The Sarca has been divided into its three characteristic segments. There is also a section devoted to the river’s hydroelectric power stations and their water channelling systems. The springs and the gorge find an ideal setting in the impressive headquarters of the Antica Fonte delle Terme di Comano, poised high above the river, while the section devo-ted to its mouth is exhibited at the Villino Campi di Riva del Gards, a short distance from the lake. There are twenty or so curious exhibits on show including the acoustic shower, the crystallised movement, the water wine waiter, interview with the river, the good water pipe/good behaviour (a pun in Italian), voices of memory, and tastes of the earth. These exhibits give us a multi-disciplinary and polysensorial look at the river, involving visitors in a story told using touch, suggestion, sound and taste. Each object offers us a different perspective on the close relationship between natural phenomena and human activity. The landscape, something to be conserved and handed down to future generations, emerges as a possible protagonist in all our lives. Aimed at tourists, schools and local residents, the exhibition has an area for learning and play for the use of younger visitors.





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